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Buy Shipping Containers for Sale Oklahoma City, OK

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Buy Shipping Containers for Sale in Oklahoma City

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Looking to purchase shipping containers for sale in Oklahoma City to free up some space?

Conexwest is your top choice for new, used, and refurbished shipping container services.

We have all types and sizes: Our large and diverse inventory offers an array of sizes from 10ft to 45ft and we also sell 30 ft specialty containers.

Our shipping containers are customizable: We can add windows, vents, Roll-Up doors, and much more based on your requirements. Thanks to our skilled technicians and craftsmen we build your Oklahoma City shipping container the way you want.

To receive a custom fabrication quote, for shipping containers for sale in Oklahoma City submit your details through our web form below. We will provide an up-front and transparent price based on the best container for your needs.

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Customizing and Selling Oklahoma City Shipping Containers

We are a one-stop shop for not only the largest selection of Oklahoma City shipping containers but also for the best fabrication services in town.

Our containers withstand every environment! Plus, we allow you to modify your shipping container by adding:

Thanks to our extensive experience from previous projects we can build your shipping container the way you want.

You can count on us to prioritize your project and make the modifications you request, so you can put the Oklahoma City shipping containers to use in just a couple of days.

How to Purchase a Shipping Container in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma?

At Conexwest, purchasing containers should be an easy process where you can select the unit you need. Here's how to order one:

  1. Explore our container selection for storage, modification, or a unique project, we have options to suit your needs.
  2. Establish with us the modifications you need purpose of the shipping container, any modifications you're considering, and the size that suits you best.
  3. Get a clear and transparent quote that includes all the costs associated with your purchase.
  4. Read the terms and conditions prior to purchasing your shipping container.
  5. Place your order once you're satisfied with the quote.
  6. Choose the delivery method whether you want your shipping container delivered to your location or if you prefer to pick it up yourself.

Learn More About Our Containers

Our company sells containers in various sizes to regular individuals, small startups, and big companies. We've got the right container for you. Read our blog and learn more about storage and shipping containers in Oklahoma City.

Which are The Most Popular Uses For Shipping Containers In Oklahoma City?

In the Oklahoma City area, containers have become indispensable for the community thanks to their adaptability. Some of the most popular uses in Oklahoma are:

  1. Smart Storage Solutions: Ideal for homeowners seeking extra space and businesses in need of an on-site storage container.
  2. Dynamic Pop-Up Businesses: Sea containers are transformed into pop-up shops and cafes, allowing local businesses to create appealing establishments.
  3. Construction Site Containers: Serving as a versatile solution for construction sites, these containers offer secure storage for tools and materials.
  4. Urban Gardens: Our used containers provide a solid foundation for urban gardens.
  5. Emergency Relief Support: In times of crisis, shipping containers can be repurposed as emergency shelters, providing temporary housing and storage.
  6. Mobile Artisan Workspaces: Craftsmen and artists find value in using containers as mobile workshops.

Serving Multiple Cities Across Oklahoma City

Conexwest is your reliable storage container partner in Oklahoma. Our dedication to quality and excellent service spans across the state.

Whether you're in Oklahoma City or any other city in Oklahoma, access the best storage container solutions with our company.

Buy shipping containers and modifications for these cities:

Tulsa, OK Edmond, OK
Norman, OK Lawton, OK
Broken Arrow, OK Midwest City, OK

What Types of Delivery Options Does Conexwest Offer in Oklahoma City?

At Conexwest, we prioritize understanding crucial details like door direction, site contact, and ensuring ample space for safe storage container delivery. We also offer:

  1. Strategic Planning for Consistency: Customers benefit from scheduled deliveries, guaranteeing a consistent and reliable service.
  2. Emergency Transportation Solutions: Optimize your logistics, and request our 3 - 7 day truck and trailer delivery service, providing a swift and secure move.
  3. Transparent Pricing: We provide up-front pricing to customers. To get a delivery quote, simply call (855) 878-5233.
  4. Efficient Communication: Our dispatcher will contact you 24 hours in advance, to set up a 2-hour delivery time frame.

What Types of Containers Does Conexwest Sell?

Conexwest offers shipping and storage containers that are new, used, and refurbished.

NEW Containers

Experience the pristine condition of our "One Trip" containers, freshly shipped from Asia with a single load.

USED Containers

Our USED cargo-worthy containers are leakproof and certified for global transport. We offer the very best pricing for used containers.

We do not sell "As Is" or "Wind Water Tight" (WWT) due to the risk of structural integrity.


These refurbished units undergo thorough repairs, including sanding, rust removal, and a new coat of primer and paint.

They are leakproof and ready for an extended lifespan, these containers provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Warranty Coverage Period For New and Used Storage Containers

All of our storage units are built to resist harsh conditions. Our commitment to quality ensures each unit is durable, secure, and weatherproof, offering reliable protection for your belongings or goods.

  • New ISO Shipping Containers are backed by a 10-year warranty coverage period.
  • Used Cargo Worthy ISO Shipping Containers come with a 5-year Warranty Coverage Period from the date of purchase.
  • Every Conexwest unit comes with a leakproof guarantee regardless of whether it's a New ISO shipping container or a Used Cargo-worthy unit.
  • During the warranty period, Conexwest takes responsibility for the quality of your storage container and will repair or replace units or parts at no charge.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Terms and conditions apply to warranty coverage. For detailed information and to understand the comprehensive benefits of our warranty, please read them thoroughly.

Contact Your Oklahoma City Sales Team!

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Helen Keloerova

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What is the return policy in case the container doesn't meet my expectations?

If the shipping container doesn't meet your expectations you can return the container within a specified period, ensuring your satisfaction with our products.

Can the container be modified to suit my specific needs (e.g., adding doors, windows, ventilation)?

Absolutely! Whether you want to add doors, windows, or ventilation, we ensure your container is tailored precisely to meet your requirements.

Do you offer container leasing options if I don't want to purchase one outright?

Yes. Our leasing plans accommodate various durations, providing you with the convenience of using a container without the ownership commitment.

What recommendations do you have for maintaining the container over time?

To maintain your container over time, we recommend regular inspections for signs of wear and addressing any rust promptly.

How much do shipping containers for sale in Oklahoma City typically cost?

The cost of steel shipping containers in Oklahoma City varies based on factors like size, condition (new or used), and any additional modifications.

Can I use a shipping container for a home or office in Oklahoma City?

Absolutely! Conexwest provides customization services, helping you transform containers into functional living or workspace solutions.