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Shipping Container Stadium 974 : A FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Game Changer

Shipping Container Stadium 974 FIFA World Cup 2022


Despite the US Men’s National Team’s jaw-dropping performance, shipping container Stadium 974 steals the show. Inspired by colorful Legos and became a reality in a just year and a half in November 2021. Stadium 974 is the first transportable and reusable stadium that seats 40,000 fans in FIFA World Cup history.

Made from refurbished 974 shipping containers that were used to transport the seats, recycled steel beams, and other building materials to the 450,000 square-meter waterfront site. The innovative engineers and architects designed the stadium to let ocean breeze to circulate throughout the stadium. Because of this, they did not waste resources on air conditioning. They also reduced up to 40% water usage compared to stadiums with the same capacity size.

Although the stadium looks like our yards, it has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a World Cup venue. They have transformed the shipping containers into modern concession stands, bathrooms, freezers, changing rooms, offices, VIP areas, and more. Similar to what we build for our clients daily. 

After the World Cup is done, they will take apart and store the stadium back where they came from, in containers. There are reports claiming that the container stadium might make another appearance in Maldonado, Uruguay, if they host the 2030 World Cup. We hope this trend becomes the new standard so that there will be less waste when constructing these mega stadiums.

The possibilities are endless when repurposing shipping containers. Whether you’re building an office, home, store, workshop, sauna or a world class stadium, we can help. If you already have a design in mind, use our Conexbuilder for free to see your vision in action. Check out our gallery to draw inspirations for your next shipping container project.

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