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Insulation inside shipping container with the 2 x 4 wood framing

Control Shipping Container Microclimates with Insulation.

Insulation in a shipping container? There are many things you can do to a storage container that will maximize and vary its use. For instance, adding insulation to the shipping container walls can help enhance the longevity of your product.


Know your shipping container use

First, understand what you are using your shipping container or storage container for. Assure yourself that your storage container will be benefiting from the insulation. Many individuals use insulation for their shipping containers or storage containers because it specifically combats condensation.


If you’d like to read more about condensation and how to prevent that in other ways, click here.


Many of our customers install insulation in their storage container for a temperature controlled environment. The content inside of the storage container can be very valuable and expensive. Without risking the quality of your values, insulation can be used to protect them by controlling the interior climate. This will allow the weather change to have little to no effect inside of the shipping container temperature.


Our promise


We install Rmax Thermasheath-3 insulation into our shipping containers. We set and ready the frame and measure a 2 inches thick thermal value of 13.1. We install the insulation, plywood paneling, and a vinyl wrap wall finish into mobile Office Shipping Containers for residential and contractors use. Many individuals that build shipping container homes also use this method of framing and insulation.




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