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Condensation in storage and shipping containers

Condensation and moisture in storage containers.

There are a lot of reasons to double check storage containers. We published a blog on the importance of Vents for your container. In this blog, we highlight the problems, causes, and solutions to condensation and moisture inside your storage container.



There is a build up of moisture inside the container. The “Portable Storage Handbook” author Anders Norlin states, “the inside of a storage container is a microclimate with its own weather system.” This can be used in comparison of any enclosed objects like water bottles or even cars. This makes the container more prone to increase its humidity. In many cases, the floor of the container can act like a sponge since it is wood, which allows and prolongs the presence of moisture which increases humidity.   



There are many causes condensation and moisture inside a storage container. The contents and where it is located. First, the contents inside the storage container can be a big impact to moisture inside of the storage container. For example, if you are purchasing a used storage container, depending on who you buy it from, make sure that the inside is clean and dry. In many cases there are food shipping containers that leave behind juices or food waste that releases their own moisture naturally. This creates rust inside the container and increases the ability for moisture.

Next, the location of the container will have an impact on moisture control. In the previously cited book, there was an incident on a storage container that had condensation issues. What they found was that the placement of the storage container affected the moisture levels inside. The storage container was placed in an unlevel surface that collected water underneath, which then evaporated up to the bottom of the container. The effect of this was moisture and condensation build up underneath the container that was then trapped into the wood floor which acted like a sponge.



There are easy solutions to this condensation and moisture problem for your storage container. The easiest solution, is to double check your container before you purchase it. Depending on who you are purchasing or renting the container for, many third parties don’t double check. Make sure that you are also aware of your surroundings and the placement of the storage container. Being very aware of the ground level to assure no water build up underneath is great consideration to prevent build up in moisture.

Vents are the best solution to prevent any and all moisture/condensation issues in a container. In many purchases, it is recommended to get vents that will ensure airflow inside the storage container. This helps ensure the lifespan of your equipment inside the container, and the container itself.



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