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Steel shipping container pool

How to turn your steel shipping container into a pool.


Did you know that you can turn a steel shipping container into a pool or spa? In the logistics industry, watertight containers have long-been used to transport liquids. These structures are good-looking, cost-effective alternatives to installing a pool in the ground. With a typical pool, for instance, you’re looking at an average cost of $50,000. With a shipping container? Expect to pay half or potentially less.


Why Steel Shipping Containers?

Beyond pricing, there are several benefits to making your pool out of a shipping container:

  • Durability

  • Unlikely to rust

  • Available in varying sizes and dimensions

  • Take up less space than large, concrete pools

  • Modifiable

  • Relocatable to different locations on a property


Fiberglass inserts and pool liners may also be available for easy modification and straightforward installation. Accessories like plumbing, heating, and electrical systems can make the setup process easier to follow.

The bottom line is that you can get more for your money. With a steel shipping container, you have creativity and flexibility around your design. You can build a unique pool that fits the constraints and dimensions of your property.

Here’s how to get the process started.


Build Your Pool

First and foremost, do your planning. There are a number of judgment calls you’ll need to make. You’ll also need to work with different municipal agencies to make sure that your pool meets the needs of local ordinances.


Here are some steps to follow:

1. Work with your city or local council. You’re not the first person to install a pool on your property. Your city’s local planning commission may have rules that you need to follow. Pay attention to regulations regarding depth, fencing, and construction requirements. This information will be the bare bones that you need to determine the height, width, and location of your pool. With an understanding of these details, you can get creative.


2. Talk to structural engineers and plumbers. Yes, you can build your pool yourself. But are you confident that you can rely on books and YouTube tutorials? Digging a hole in the ground is one thing. But keep in mind, your pool needs to be leakproof and attached to plumbing. Water is a lot of weight to bear. Prevent plumbing mishaps before they have a chance to happen. Remember, you want this pool to withstand the test of time.


3. Choose a watertight container. Remember that the primary purpose for these containers is shipping. Many have weather-resistant exteriors but don’t hold water from the inside. By working with a trusted provider like Conexwest, you can identify the right containers, accessories, and modifications. Make sure to account for weatherproofing, long-term maintenance, and cleaning.


4. Consult a welder. Your pool will need frames, fixtures for plumbing, and various hookups. You might even opt for a unique design. Consider hiring a welder who can either work with you or teach you best practices.


5. Determine your pump and filtration system. Your shipping container pool will be fully functional. In addition to all the fun you’ll have, expect to attract dirt. You need to clean your pool, just like you would a regular one. At a minimum, you’ll need a pump and filtration system. Research heating options for extra luxury, too.


6. Build. Gather the resources that you need, based on your finalized plans, and build. This is a project that you can take on yourself. Or consider bringing in a licensed contractor. Give yourself enough time to create the pool or spa of your dreams.


A good next step to take is to explore some options. Take a look at this 20’ modified storage container by Conexwest as an example:



Get Creative with your Design

Steel shipping container pools aren’t just practical. They’re beautiful, too. Event-designers have been using shipping containers to create displays, host festivals, and build unique structures. Imagine having this flexibility and capability in your own home.

You could choose to install your pool in the ground, or elevated in a wood enclosure, for instance. You can even connect multiple shipping containers together. For instance, you might decide that you want a deep area, shallow area, and hot tub/spa.

Once you’ve figured out the functional and practical details, experiment with design. Here are some ideas for finding inspiration:

  • YouTube. Take a look at videos to see what others are building.

  • Interior Design Blogs. Google different spaces for ideas.

  • Instagram. Search for hashtags around tiny homes, shipping container homes, etc.

  • Architecture Blogs. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Browse living spaces that others have created.


Plenty of people are building pools from shipping containers. Inspiration is everywhere, so don’t feel like you need to start from scratch. You can also reach out to the Conexwest team for ideas and inspiration.


Creative Container Pool


Final Thoughts

Don’t wait. Stop daydreaming. Take action. Conexwest can help you get your project off the ground. We specialize in supplying, fabricating, and modifying storage and shipping containers for various industries. With container sizes ranging from 10 to 45 feet in length, there is a size available to accommodate nearly any project. Through our groundbreaking and exhaustive fabrication process, we maintain the highest standards of production and quality assurance to ensure that each storage container is durable, secure, and leak proof.

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