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The Many Benefits of Construction Storage Containers.

The Many Benefits of Construction Storage Containers


Construction companies have unique demands in terms of how they operate on the construction site.

When developing construction projects from the ground up, it can be hard to find effective approaches for running day-to-day office activities and safely storing equipment, or even housing the workers in more remote locations.

That’s where construction storage containers can be so helpful.

With the help of construction site storage containers, companies can easily set up and transport mobile offices or storage spaces that will be durable, convenient, and affordable.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about storage containers for construction and how you can use them for your construction business.

Standard Size of Construction Storage Containers

The standard shipping container lengths are 20 feet and 40 feet, but there are other cutdown sizes such as 8 feet, 12 feet, 16 feet, 24 feet, to name a few.

20' office container for rent
20' office container rents for $249/month

The popular 20-foot container is more than 8 feet tall, 8 feet wide, and is an excellent choice for an office or storage room at the construction site.

The 40-foot container is 9.6-foot-tall and has a width of 8 feet, giving a lot more space and enabling more potential uses.


Obviously, the internal dimensions of the construction storage containers will be a bit smaller, but the difference isn’t too significant to be worth mentioning.

The smaller shipping container has around 160 feet of internal square footage, while the larger 40-foot container has double that, measuring at 320 square feet.

40' office container for rent
40' office container rents for $399/month 


Construction Storage Containers for Security

One of the biggest reasons why construction storage containers are increasingly popular is their ability to provide security for the equipment and tools that are necessary during the construction process.

Protecting the entire premises of the construction site can be challenging, especially on larger projects, since most construction companies can’t allocate enough resources to ensure round the clock supervision of the entire space.

That’s why, having a secure and reliable place to store the valuable equipment is essential, which is the reason why so many companies are opting for construction storage containers for rent to meet their security needs.

The robust steel frame and sturdy locks ensure that the valuable tools remain secure and hard to access, and some construction storage containers even come with an alarm to ensure that breaking in unnoticed becomes almost impossible.


Construction Storage Containers for Office Space

Besides having a place to store equipment, you will likely need an office space or even a living area for the workers.

And the extensive customization capabilities of construction storage containers ensure that you can find a solution that is ideally suited for your company’s individual needs.

You can arrange the space to hold seating areas that are perfect for hosting meetings, sharing presentations, or figuring out the next step in any particular situation.

With the help of temperature control solutions, you can turn the storage container into a perfectly functioning office, equipped with all of the amenities that could be required, no matter how hot or cold it may be outside.

The same goes for developing living spaces for your workers – you can install comfortable sleeping quarters, a kitchen, showers and bathrooms, and even a recreational room ensuring that your staff are comfortable and rested for each workday.


custom kitchenette for shipping containers
Custom kitchenette for shipping containers


Additional Benefits of Having Construction Storage Containers On-Site 

We’ve already covered quite a few of the main benefits that using a construction container rental or your own container on the construction site for specific purposes, but it’s important to go over the overall benefits that storage container technology can offer.

These benefits make this mobile storage and housing solution the clear-cut choice for construction companies, and as more businesses discover how cost-effective and practical this approach is, the trend is set to continue for a long time.

For one thing, storage containers are designed to withstand the harshest environments possible when out at sea or sitting in ports around the world.

They can handle extreme heat and cold, strong winds, water, and anything else nature can throw at them, so when you’re using containers on your site, you can be sure that they won’t fall apart no matter how rough the weather might get.

And since the containers are designed to be shipped all around the world, transporting them is extremely convenient as well – they can be moved with any standard truck and can travel hundreds of miles per day to your designated location.

Finally, the extensive customization possibilities mean that you can turn a regular shipping container into anything you could need on your construction site, and add electricity, water, security, and any other solutions that you deem are necessary.

If you look around for construction containers for rent, you will find numerous customized options and can pick the ones that are a good fit for your needs and budget.


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