The Conexwest 3D Builder: Visualize your container project now.


How to visualize your steel shipping container project.

The Conexwest 3D Builder: Visualize your container project now

Are you an interior designer, architect, or hobbyist? Maybe you’re looking for a new do-it-yourself home improvement project. Imagine, in less than a year, you could have the outdoor pool, bar, or guest house that you’ve always wanted. Steel shipping containers are rising in popularity. You can build almost anything. But there’s a challenge that may stand in your way.


Most likely, you haven’t had any structural design training. You’ve never built a structure from the ground up, so you may not know how to design one. Not to mention, you’ll need permits from your city to get your project up and running. It’s far too easy for the DIY community to give up. You may not have the tools of a professional architect. So what should you do?


The first step is one of the most basic lessons you’ve learned in life. Use your imagination. Steel shipping containers are versatile, customizable, and safe. You could even build a house out of one. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to explore the possibilities of what you could build. You’ll also gain access to a unique tool, to bring your ideas to life.

Steel shipping container project ideas.


Maybe you know what you want to build. Maybe you’re not sure. No matter the case, a little bit of research can help you level-up your plans. Do you want an art studio, a home office, a guest suite, an outdoor bar, a movie screening theater, a garage, a man cave, a gym?


As one resource, Conexwest has created a gallery for steel shipping container project ideas. Here are some favorites form the collection:


Before you start brainstorming, remember that steel shipping containers are portable. You can transport them anywhere. Delivery is easy. Maybe you have extra land around your property. Maybe you want a vacation home. You can get what you need, delivered where you want it.

Custom container delivery
Conexwest Custom Container Delivery in Rural California 


Want to build something big? Remember that you can work with multiple shipping containers. As one example, take a look at this outdoor restaurant. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business, a shipping container may be what you need to get up and running. Imagine running a company without the need to pay for rent. Own your own fully-equipped building that’s up to code.


Custom restaurant container interior
Custom Container Interior - Mersea Restaurant

Ever dreamed of adding an extra bathroom to your property? Maybe you enjoy hosting parties and want to create an outdoor restroom for guests. Or perhaps you own a business and storefront that needs a bathroom.


Believe it or not, you can fabricate a shipping container with a complete ventilation and plumbing system. You can connect your structure to your sewer line. Take a look at the following design concepts, for ideas:


Customer interior bathroom with shower
Custom Bathroom with Shower Inside Container
Custom interior toilet
Custom Toilet and Sink Inside Container

If you’re looking for more project ideas, take a look at the Conexwest gallery. You can browse real-life projects ranging from storefronts to office spaces and basic storage:


You have your idea—now what?


You’re ready to bring your idea to life. Now, it’s time to get started. Before purchasing your shipping container, you’ll need to:


  • Figure out what customizations you’d like to make

  • Determine how to bring your structure up to code

  • Ensure that your structure is safe and habitable for its purpose

  • Make sure that your structure is weather-proofed

  • Understand how to connect your structure to plumbing and electricity, safely


Unless you have a background in construction or structural engineering, you’re going to need help. The first step to getting help means visualizing what you want.


Conexwest has created a 3D builder that helps everyday people build plans to share with strategic partners. The concept is similar to processes that exist in the manufacturing world. Whether you’re building a tiny widget or coffee maker, or building a large piece of equipment, the process always begins with a bill of materials (BOM). A BOM, simply, is a list of the parts you need to make your vision a reality. Engineers can look at these designs and materials to determine what you need to save money and make your plan stronger.


3D Builder Design Sample
3D Builder Retail Container Shop Design Sample
3D Builder Itemized List of Custom Fabrications
​​​​​3D Builder Itemized List of Custom Fabrications for Retail Container


Think of your shipping container as an asset. Your structure has the potential to last for decades. If you need to move or sell it, your steel shipping container will retain its equity.


Use the Conexwest 3D builder as a blank canvas to experiment. Don’t worry about getting your idea right, the first time. A basic plan will help you source the feedback that you need, to level-up your plan. You can experiment with different shipping container sizes, modifications (i.e. doors, vents, windows, paint), electrical components, vents, and more.


Save your designs, print them, and share them with your team. Conexwest is on standby to guide you through the process of helping your dreams come true.