Damaged 20ft mobile office container beige color

Loss Damage Waiver

Protect your investment with peace of mind.

The next time you lease a container from Conexwest, consider adding our Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) for a low monthly fee. This waiver minimizes your financial responsibility for covered losses or damages to your leased container.

What is the Loss Damage Waiver?

The LDW is a convenient add-on service that reduces your financial burden if your leased Conexwest container is damaged due to specific covered events. These events include:

  • Natural disasters: Fire, windstorm, lightning, tornado, hurricane, flood, hail, smoke, earthquake, and explosion.
  • Collision: Damage caused by a third-party vehicle impacting your leased container.

Who Qualifies?

All Conexwest container lessees are eligible to participate in the LDW program.

Coverage Period:

Your LDW coverage is active 24/7 throughout your lease agreement.

Important Note:

The LDW is not insurance. It's a separate fee that, when added to your lease, relieves you of financial liability towards Conexwest for covered damage to the leased container.

Benefits of the Loss Damage Waiver:

  • Financial Protection: Covers losses or damages incurred due to covered events.
  • Simplified Claims Process: No need to file separate insurance claims or pay Conexwest for covered losses.
  • Potentially Lower Deductibles: Our LDW deductibles may be lower than your existing insurance deductibles.
  • Covered Events:
    • Collision
    • Earthquake
    • Explosion
    • Fire
    • Flood
    • Hail
    • Lightning
    • Tornado
    • Windstorm
    • Hurricane
    • Smoke

Peace of Mind During Your Lease:

With the LDW, you can focus on your project without worrying about unexpected financial burdens. In the event of accidental damage or destruction during your lease, the LDW can save you both time and money.

Please Note:

This is a summary of the Conexwest Loss Damage Waiver program. The complete terms and conditions, including costs and specific exclusions, are outlined in the official Loss Damage Waiver agreement available upon enrollment.