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Shipping Container Rental in Upland, CA | Storage Size, Price

Key Takeaways

  • Conexwest has a variety of shipping containers for rent in Upland, CA, suitable for various storage needs.
  • Our rental terms are on a 4-week basis with a simple automatic renewal system.
  • Containers come in multiple sizes, from 10ft to 45ft, to accommodate different space requirements.
  • You need to comply with local rules and regulations when using a shipping container.
  • Conexwest ensures a hassle-free rental experience with quick delivery and a customer-first approach.

Rent Shipping Containers in Upland, CA

Upland boasts a diverse economy driven by retail, healthcare, and education. The city’s growing commercial activity and residential projects have boosted the need for versatile storage solutions. 

Shipping containers serve a crucial role in this context, providing secure, flexible storage for various purposes. Businesses use them for storing inventory, construction companies rely on them for equipment and material storage, and residents find them ideal for temporary storage during moves or renovations. 

Whatever the purpose, Conexwest steps in with a vast inventory of shipping containers for rent and provides containers that meet the specific needs of Upland residents and businesses. From personal storage during a home renovation to businesses requiring refrigerated storage to ship foods and beverages, we have all the solutions.



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Conexwest, a leader in shipping and storage solutions based in Northern California, offers new, used, and refurbished containers from 10ft to 45ft, with fast delivery within 3-7 days and container fabrication options like adding shelves and locks. Conexwest serves over 10,000 customers nationwide, including prestigious clients like the U.S. Navy and Google. As an ISO 9001 and AWS-certified company, we ensure top quality and competitive pricing.

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Sizes of Rental Shipping Container in Upland, CA

Here are some shipping container sizes for various storage needs:

20ft Dual Voltage Refrigerated Container

The 20ft Dual Voltage Refrigerated Container is designed to maintain precise temperatures to store perishable goods like food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products.


  1. Dual Voltage: 208-230V 3 Ph 50 Amp / 408-480V 3 Ph 25 Amp
  2. Operating Temperature: -20°F to +70°F (Carrier or Daikin) or -40°F to +70°F (Thermo King)
  3. Insulation: Spray Foam
  4. Power Connection: 3-Phase Electrical Connection
20ft Dual Voltage Refrigerated Container
20ft Dual Voltage Refrigerated Container

40ft Ground Level Office Container

The 40ft Ground Level Office Container is designed for easy access and offers a comfortable office space on construction sites or any location that needs a quick office setup.


  1. Ground Level Entry
  2. High-Quality Corten Steel Construction
  3. R-13 Fiberglass Insulation
  4. Natural Lighting and Fresh Air
  5. Security Bars on Windows
  6. High-Security Lockbox
  7. 110V 30 Amp Power Supply
40ft Ground Level Office Container
40ft Ground Level Office Container

45ft High Cube (9.5ft) Storage Container

The 45ft High Cube Storage Container is designed for large-scale storage needs, with a spacious interior and a height of 9.5 feet. It is suitable for storing various items, including machinery, equipment, and personal or company inventory.


  1. High Cube Height: 9.5 feet
  2. Leakproof and Durable Construction
  3. Customizable with Shelving and Racking Systems
  4. Suitable for Large-Scale Storage Needs
45ft High Cube (9.5ft) Storage Container
45ft High Cube (9.5ft) Storage Container

These are just some of the options we have. Whether you're dealing with large-scale storage or looking for a small office space, we've got the container for you. 

Rental Prices for Shipping Containers in Upland, CA

The actual price is influenced by the size and type of container, the rental duration, and any additional services you may require. Here are the basic costs of renting a container from Conexwest.



Rental Rate*

10ft Rental Containers

10ft Storage Container

$109 / 4 weeks

20ft Rental Containers

20ft Storage Container

$119 / 4 weeks

20ft Storage Container w/ Doors on Both Ends

$129 / 4 weeks

20ft High Cube (9.5ft) Storage Container

$139 / 4 weeks

20ft Open Side Storage Container

$209 / 4 weeks

24ft Rental Containers

24ft Storage Container

$149 / 4 weeks

40ft Rental Containers

40ft Storage Container


$139 / 4 weeks

40ft High Cube (9.5ft) Storage Container

$149 / 4 weeks

40ft Storage Container w/ Doors on Both Ends

$189 / 4 weeks

40ft High Cube (9.5ft) Storage Container w/ Doors on Both Ends

$199 / 4 weeks

45ft Rental Containers

45ft High Cube (9.5ft) Storage Container

$169 / 4 weeks

Ground Level Offices for Rent

10ft Ground Level Office Container

$229 / 4 weeks

20ft Ground Level Office and Storage Combo Container

$249 / 4 weeks

20ft Ground Level Office Container

$279 / 4 weeks

40ft Ground Level Office Container

$429 / 4 weeks

Insulated Containers for Rent

40ft High Cube (9.5ft) Insulated Storage Container

$379 / 4 weeks

Refrigerated Cold Storage Containers for Rent

20ft Refrigerated Container

$799 / 4 weeks

20ft Dual Voltage Refrigerated Container

$899 / 4 weeks

40ft Refrigerated Container

$899 / 4 weeks

40ft Dual Voltage Refrigerated Container

$999 / 4 weeks

20ft Single Phase Refrigerated Container

$1350 / 4 weeks

*The rental rate was estimated at the time of writing and is subject to change.

Check out our rental storage containers page to explore other types of containers and all rental prices!

Delivery and Pickup Made Easy

When it comes to delivery and pickup, you have options. If you've got the right insurance, you can handle it yourself. Otherwise, leave it to Conexwest. We'll give you a heads-up call 24 hours before delivery to confirm a 2-hour window and provide a 30-minute window on the day. Just make sure the drop-off spot is clear and accessible.

Shipping Container Rules & Regulations in Upland, CA

Upland has rules regarding using shipping containers. So let's ensure you're updated on the local regulations.

Permits and Zoning Laws

Upland requires a building permit for any structures, including shipping containers used for storage. Permits must be obtained through the city's Citizen Self Service Portal (CSS) online system.

Shipping containers may be subject to zoning laws and setback requirements depending on their location and use. But don't sweat it. We're here to help you with the permit process so you can focus on fulfilling your storage needs.

Maintaining Safety Standards for Container Usage

Shipping containers used for storage must comply with Upland's stormwater codes and best management practices. It must be maintained in good condition and not become a nuisance or safety hazard.

Stick to the code, and you'll avoid fines and the hassle that comes with them. We're well-versed with Upland's codes and can guide you through them.

Choose Conexwest for Your Upland Rental Shipping Container Needs

So, why Conexwest? Because we've got the inventory, the expertise, and the dedication to make your storage experience as easy as possible.

  1. Experience: Conexwest has years of experience in making custom containers, ensuring you receive high-quality storage solutions.
  2. Versatility: Conexwest has several container options ranging from 10 ft to 45 ft for various needs.
  3. Customization: Containers from Conexwest can be customized to a specific design so you receive a container that meets your exact requirements.
  4. Flexibility: You have the choice to either rent or buy containers based on your budget and needs.
  5. Competitive Pricing and Fast Delivery: We have affordable prices and fast delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction and timely access to storage solutions.

Additional Services and Solutions Offered

Conexwest doesn't just stop at container rentals. We have a suite of additional services to enhance your storage solution. Need your container to match your company's branding? We can paint it in your colors. 

Looking for an easy way to organize your items? We can install shelving. Our in-house fabrication team is equipped to customize your container to fit your specific needs, ensuring you get the most out of your rental.

Conexwest’s Commitment to Customer Service

At Conexwest, we believe that our job isn't done when the container is delivered. Our commitment to you continues throughout the entire rental period. 

We're here to answer any questions, address concerns, and provide solutions to ensure your storage experience is top-notch. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations with our responsive and attentive customer service.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for any questions about our services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Sizes of Shipping Containers Does Conexwest Provide in Upland?

Conexwest provides a wide array of shipping container sizes to meet various storage requirements. Our inventory includes containers as small as 10 feet in length for compact spaces, all the way up to 45 feet for those who need substantial storage capacity. Whether you're storing construction equipment, inventory, or personal belongings, we have a container that will suit your needs perfectly.

Our containers also come in different heights, such as the standard height and the high cube, which provides additional vertical space. Our team can help you determine the best size based on what you plan to store.

How Does the Rental Process Work?

The rental process with Conexwest is designed for your convenience. It begins with a phone call or email to discuss your needs. From there, we'll help you select the right container size and set up a delivery date. Once the container is delivered, it's yours to use for the rental period. When you're finished, give us a call, and we'll arrange for pickup. It's that easy!

Remember, our rental terms are flexible, with a standard 4-week rental period and automatic renewal. If you need to keep the container longer, it's not a problem – just let us know.

Can I Customize a Rental Shipping Container for My Needs?

Absolutely! Conexwest has customization options for rental shipping containers. Whether you need extra security features like lockboxes, specific paint colors to match your brand, or interior modifications like shelving and insulation, our fabrication team can make it happen. Just share your requirements with us, and we'll customize the container to fit your project.

Are There Any Hidden Fees in the Rental Agreement?

No hidden fees here. Conexwest values transparency and that's why all potential costs are communicated upfront. Your rental agreement will outline the rental charge, any applicable delivery fees, and taxes. If additional services or customizations are requested, those will be discussed and agreed upon before any work begins. You'll know exactly what you're paying for, with no surprises.

What Should I Do If I Need to Extend My Rental Period?

If you find yourself needing the container for longer than initially planned, extending your rental period is easy. Just inform us at least 5 days before the end of the current rental term, and we'll extend it for another 4 weeks. You can continue to do this for as long as you need the container. Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility to complete your project without any added stress.

If you're ready to explore rental container options in Upland or have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to provide you with the best storage solutions available. Contact us today at (855) 878-5233 or email [email protected] for more information or to get a competitive quote.

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