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40-ft dual voltage refrigerated container

Shipping Container Rental in Long Beach, CA | Storage Size, Price

Key Takeaways

  • Rental terms in Long Beach are flexible, typically renewing every 4 weeks..
  • Conexwest offers a variety of container sizes, from compact 10ft units to expansive 45ft models.
  • Containers can be delivered to your location, with Conexwest handling the logistics.
  • Customers are responsible for ensuring the site is clear and accessible for delivery.
  • Conexwest is a one-stop-shop for your shipping container needs in Long Beach, providing high-quality service and customization options.

Rent Shipping Containers in Long Beach, CA

As one of the busiest ports in the world, the Port of Long Beach facilitates the movement of goods across the globe. Shipping containers are considered one of the building blocks of international trade. For local businesses, these containers offer a sturdy and reliable way to store and transport goods, tools, or equipment.

Renting a shipping container in this area is not only convenient but also cost-effective. Conexwest understands that every storage scenario is unique. That's why we offer a range of container sizes and types to fit various needs for rental.



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Conexwest, a leader in shipping and storage solutions based in Northern California, offers new, used, and refurbished containers from 10ft to 45ft, with fast delivery within 3-7 days and container fabrication options like adding shelves and locks. Conexwest serves over 10,000 national customers, including prestigious clients like the U.S. Navy and Google. As an ISO 9001 and AWS-certified company, we ensure top quality and competitive pricing.


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Sizes of Rental Shipping Container in Long Beach, CA

We rent out shipping containers of various sizes and specifications. 

Compact Solutions: Small-Scale Containers

For those with limited space or smaller storage needs, our 10ft shipping containers are the perfect fit. They are easy to place and move, providing a convenient and secure storage option without requiring a large footprint.

10-foot rental container
10-foot rental container 

Standard Workhorses: The Common 20ft and 40ft Containers

The 20ft and 40ft shipping containers are the industry standard for a reason. They strike the perfect balance between space and manageability, making them ideal for both personal and commercial use. Whether you're storing furniture during a renovation or keeping inventory for your business, these containers are up to the task.

Most importantly, our containers are designed to be secure and weather-resistant, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are protected against the elements and any potential security threats.

Specialized Storage: Dual Voltage Refrigerated Units

For businesses that require temperature control, such as those in the food industry or pharmaceuticals, our dual voltage refrigerated containers provide the perfect solution. These specialized units ensure that your products remain at optimum temperature, preserving their quality and integrity during storage.

40-ft dual voltage refrigerated container
40-ft dual voltage refrigerated container

Custom Storage: Modified and Customizable Containers

Whether you need a simple storage unit or a fully outfitted workspace, Conexwest can modify containers to meet your specifications. Adding windows, doors, insulation, and electrical fixtures are just a few ways we can transform a container to serve your purpose.

Louvered vent on a shipping container
Louvered vent on a shipping container

Rental Prices for Shipping Containers in Long Beach, CA

The rental prices for our shipping containers differ based on the types and sizes of container that you want. 



Rental Rate*

10ft Rental Containers

10ft Storage Container

$109 / 4 weeks

20ft Rental Containers

20ft Storage Container

$119 / 4 weeks

20ft Storage Container w/ Doors on Both Ends

$129 / 4 weeks

20ft High Cube (9.5ft) Storage Container

$139 / 4 weeks

20ft Open Side Storage Container

$209 / 4 weeks

24ft Rental Containers

24ft Storage Container

$149 / 4 weeks

40ft Rental Containers

40ft Storage Container


$139 / 4 weeks

40ft High Cube (9.5ft) Storage Container

$149 / 4 weeks

40ft Storage Container w/ Doors on Both Ends

$189 / 4 weeks

40ft High Cube (9.5ft) Storage Container w/ Doors on Both Ends

$199 / 4 weeks

45ft Rental Containers

45ft High Cube (9.5ft) Storage Container

$169 / 4 weeks

Ground Level Offices for Rent

10ft Ground Level Office Container

$229 / 4 weeks

20ft Ground Level Office and Storage Combo Container

$249 / 4 weeks

20ft Ground Level Office Container

$279 / 4 weeks

40ft Ground Level Office Container

$429 / 4 weeks

Insulated Containers for Rent

40ft High Cube (9.5ft) Insulated Storage Container

$379 / 4 weeks

Refrigerated Cold Storage Containers for Rent

20ft Refrigerated Container

$799 / 4 weeks

20ft Dual Voltage Refrigerated Container

$899 / 4 weeks

40ft Refrigerated Container

$899 / 4 weeks

40ft Dual Voltage Refrigerated Container

$999 / 4 weeks

20ft Single Phase Refrigerated Container

$1350 / 4 weeks

*Rental rate was estimated at time of writing and is subject to change.

Check out our rental storage containers page to explore other types of containers and the full list of rental prices!

Affordable Storage: Cost Analysis for Small Containers

If you're looking for a small container, say a 10ft unit, you're looking at a cost-effective solution for your storage needs. These containers are ideal for those who don't need a lot of space and want to keep expenses low. Remember, investing in the right size container means you're not paying for unused space.

Expansive Solutions: Pricing for Larger Containers

Need more room? A 20ft or 40ft container might be just what you need. While they are more of an investment compared to smaller containers, the price per square foot of storage space is actually more economical. These larger containers offer the flexibility to store a wide range of items, from bulky equipment to large quantities of inventory.

Special Requirements: Costs of Specialty Containers

When you have specific needs, such as refrigeration or custom modifications, the cost will reflect those special requirements. Such containers are equipped for specialized applications such as temperature control for sensitive goods and are an investment in your product's quality and longevity.

Long-Term Savings: Price Benefits of Prolonged Rentals

Considering a long-term rental? You're in for some savings. The longer you rent, the more cost-effective it becomes. This is perfect for businesses with ongoing projects or individuals in need of long-term storage solutions. Plus, with Conexwest, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your storage is taken care of for the duration you need it.

Shipping Container Rules & Regulations in Long Beach, CA

Following the rules and regulations for shipping container usage in Long Beach doesn't have to be complicated. It's crucial to stay informed and compliant to avoid any hiccups in your storage plans.

Permits: When and Where They're Needed

Before you get started, check if you need a permit. This often depends on how you plan to use the container and where it will be located. For instance, using a container on a construction site typically requires a permit, whereas using one on private property may not.

Zoning Laws: Understanding Local Restrictions

Zoning laws determine where containers can be placed and for what purpose. In Long Beach, certain areas may have restrictions on container placement, especially in residential zones. 

For example, in October 2021, the City of Long Beach temporarily relaxed its restrictions on the stacking of shipping containers, increasing the limit from two to four containers high for a 90-day period. This change aimed to ease a bottleneck and backlog of cargo at the Port of Long Beach, the busiest container port in the United States.

It's always best to check with the Long Beach Building Code to ensure your container placement abides by these laws and current regulations.

Safety Standards: Ensuring Compliance for Peace of Mind

Your safety is our priority. That's why all containers must meet specific safety standards. These regulations ensure that the containers are certified structurally sound and safe for use. At Conexwest, we ensure that every container we rent out meets these stringent standards of ISO 9001 and AWS fabrication, so you can rest easy knowing your storage solution is secure.

For example, all our containers are inspected before delivery to guarantee they are windproof and watertight, ensuring your items stay dry and protected no matter the weather.

Eco-Friendly Practices: Sustainability Regulations

Long Beach is committed to sustainability, and so are we. When it comes to container usage, eco-friendly practices are encouraged. This includes proper maintenance to extend the life of the container and considering repurposed containers for your storage needs.

  • Choose containers with eco-friendly insulation for temperature control.
  • Consider containers made from recycled materials.
  • Look into solar-powered lighting options for your container.

Conexwest is at the forefront of offering sustainable solutions that align with Long Beach's environmental initiatives.

Choose Conexwest for Your Long Beach Rental Shipping Container Needs

Whether you're a small business owner, a construction site manager, or just someone in need of extra space, renting a shipping container can address your needs with simplicity and ease.

We have a vast inventory of containers and provide delivery and customization services. We can deliver containers quickly, often within 3-7 days, and offer modifications like adding shelving, offices, workshops, and more. 

If you're in Long Beach and want to rent a shipping container for your next project, contact us. We're here to answer any questions and provide competitive quotes to meet your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Size of Shipping Container is Best for My Needs?

Choosing the right size container depends on the amount and type of items you need to store. A 10ft container is great for personal use or smaller projects, while 20ft and 40ft containers are better suited for commercial needs or larger items. If you're unsure, our team can help you assess your needs and recommend the right size.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Shipping Container for a Month?

The cost to rent a shipping container for a month varies depending on the size and type of container you need. Generally, prices start as low as a few hundred dollars for smaller containers and can go up for larger or specialized units. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your specific requirements.

Do I Need a Permit to Place a Shipping Container on My Property?

Whether you need a permit depends on your local zoning laws and how you intend to use the container. In many cases, a permit is not required for temporary use, but it's always best to check with your local municipality to be sure.

Can I Customize a Rental Shipping Container for My Business?

Yes, you can! We offer a range of customization options for rental containers. Whether you need shelving, extra doors, windows, or specific paint jobs to match your branding, we can tailor the container to meet your business needs.

What Should I Do if I Have Issues with My Rental Container?

Contact us immediately if you encounter any issues with your rental container. Our team will address any concerns, from maintenance to logistics, ensuring that your rental experience is smooth and trouble-free.

If you're ready to explore rental container options in Long Beach or have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to provide you with the best storage solutions available. Contact us today at (855) 878-5233 or email [email protected] for more information or to get a competitive quote.

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