Shipping container ground delivery with Conexwest

Ground delivery is as easy as it gets! Conexwest handels their deliveries with ease and to ensure everyone gets their shipping containers as quick as possible, without any hassles. In order to fully understand ground delivery, let’s take it step by step to make sure we don’t miss anything, and you get all of the information needed.


Our facility

Shipping containers

It all begins in our fabrication facility. Once the order has been placed, our team begins to prep the container for delivery. We place the shipping container on the bed of the truck with either a crane or we slide it on from a flat surface. We double check everything that comes with your order.


On the road

Shipping containers

Once we are all packed and ready to go, our drivers ensure the security of the shipping container. This means the driver takes extra precautions when delivering the shipping container to the users location. Importance of extra precaution is due to the increase of weight combined with the container and truck, equalling to 45,000 Lbs.


Get ready

For the user, make sure the space is available and ready for the delivery driver to be able to place the shipping container. Have a cleared space ready for the driver. Once the driver arrives we are able to then place the container on there. If this is for residential use, be aware that the space does not conflict with neighbors. If this is contracted use for the shipping containers, be sure that it is legal to leave shipping container in the desired location.


Placing container

Placing shipping and storage container  on the ground by Conexwest

When we arrive, we double check the space provided for us. Once that is clear we back the container into the space. We tilt the flat bed to ease the container to the ground. Once it touches, we carefully drive to slide the container off. And there you have your container at the desired location, at ease, with no hassle.

ground delivery for shipping and storage container


If you purchased the shipping container, thank you very much, but this is it, you will be assured a great product by Conexwest! If you are renting, enjoy the storage container for the amount of time you chose to rent it, whenever you are ready, we will come back to retrieve the storage container from you.


If you have any questions or comments about ground delivery feel free to call us at (855) 878-5233 or email