Airport tower Truckee California Tahoe airport

Truckee Tahoe airport shipping container tower project.

In the small mountain town of Truckee, CA., the local airport was in need of a new control tower. The airport control tower is a vital communication tool for planes to safely arrive or depart from the airport. 


About the Truckee Tahoe Airport

As mentioned in their website, “Since 1958, the Truckee Tahoe Airport District has been providing a high quality, safe facility for pilots, visitors and the community. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range at an elevation of 5,900 feet, twelve miles from Lake Tahoe, we promise one of the most scenic flight and visiting experiences in the world. We are proud of our pilot safety and community programs, state-of-art energy saving facilities and top notch staff and leadership. We are committed to offering the best small, mountain airport in the Country.” To view their website Click Here.


Conexwest builds

The Truckee Tahoe Airport has been opened for 60 years!  With an amazing reputation of service and giving to the community. Conexwest was honored to be selected to complete an amazing project.

We began the project with Truckee Tahoe Airport because we wanted a challenge that will allow us to learn, continue providing our users with the best possible service, and to ensure a unique and durable product. The airport tower was created by modifying six 40 FT shipping containers. These 40 FT shipping containers were stacked on top of each other and joined together side by side.

First, our team of experience, certified welders modified the containers to have a secure, side by side enclosure. The walls of the containers were removed to allow people to walk between containers. Next, the staircase on the side of the tower was added. Similar to standard airport towers, height is important to capture radio frequencies and communicate with arriving and departing air crafts.


Airport Tower Truckee California Truckee Tahoe Airport
Airport Tower, Truckee Tahoe Airport by Conexwest


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