Last Updated: 12/27/2017

Roll Up Doors


3' * RUDSSFIN3 3' Roll-Up Door Installed on Side Panel or Front Cap $750
4' RUDSSFIN4 4' Roll-Up Door Installed on Side Panel or Front Cap $750
5' RUDSSFIN5 5' Roll-Up Door Installed on Side Panel or Front Cap $750
6' RUDSSFIN6 6' Roll-Up Door Installed on Side Panel or Front Cap $795
7' RUDSSIN7 7' Wide Roll-Up Door Installed on Side Panel $895
RUDSSIN7 7' Wide Roll-Up Door Installed on Front Cap $950
RUDSSIN7 7' Roll-Up Door Installed in place of Orginal Cargo Doors $950
8' RUDSSIN8 8' Wide Roll-Up Door Installed on Side Panel $895
9' * RUDSSIN9 9' Wide Roll-Up Door Installed on Side Panel $995
10' RUDSSIN10 10' Wide Roll-Up Door Installed on Side Panel $995
11' * RUDSSIN11 11' Wide Roll-Up Door Installed on Side Panel $1190
12' RUDSSIN12 12' Wide Roll-Up Door Installed on Side Panel $1190

All Roll-Up Doors Have a Height of 6'8" on Standard Containers, and 7'4" on High Cubes
* 3' / 9' / 11' Roll Up Doors are generally not stocked, and may increase lead times
3' - 6' Roll Up Doors may also be installed in place of the Cargo Doors ($250)

  • 26ga Galvanized, Grade E steel
  • 18ga Galvanized Drum
  • Silicon Polyester Paint
  • Aluminum Bottom Bar
  • Weather Stripping
  • Shielded Steel Ball Bearings
  • Oil-Tempered Torsion Springs
  • Galvanized Steel Guide
  • Step Plates - 2
  • 2" Square Tube Frame/Trim
  • 2" Flashing
  • 4" Threshold Plate
  • 10ga Exterior Slide Lock
  • Lock Box - $165
  • Custom Color - $100
  • Insulation - CALL
  • Electric Motor - CALL
  • Hood - CALL
  • Chain Hoist - CALL
  • Interior Slide Lock - $50

Man Doors

container man door Man Door 3' Wide $750
corrugated container doors Corrugated Container Doors $1150 (Each)
double swing doors 6' Sliding Glass Door $1750
double swing doors Double Swing Doors $1950
shipping container barn doors Barn Doors $2400

Lock Boxes/Ramps

shipping container ramps Container Ramps $750
shipping container lock box Cargo Doors Lock Box $130
Roll Up door lock box Roll Up Door Lock Box $165


Shelving, 24 deep, no lip Shelving - 24" Deep $15 per foot

Paneling/Floor/Sepration Walls

container wall Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Paneling 20' - $5500
40' - $9500
Steel floor in shipping container Steel Floor 20' - $1800
40' - $3500
plywood separation wall in shipping container Plywood Separation Wall $395
container framing and insulation Framing and R13 Insulation, Vinyl Paneling 10' - $2500
20' - $3000
40' - $6000
40' High Cube - $6800
45' High Cube - $7500
container cut-out Cut Container Down Into 2 Usable Sections $1895 with Paint

Electrical/AC Units

electical package for shipping container Electrical Package 10' - $900
20' - $1000
40' - $1250
air conditioner Air Conditioner W/Out Heater - 15,000 BTU $1350
air conditioner Air Conditioner W/Heater - 15,000 BTU $1650
bard hvac air conditioner Bard HVAC Unit - 1 1/2 Ton $4500


shipping container side vent 12" x 12" Louvered vent located on side wall or door $125
shipping container turbine vent 12" Turbine Vent $175
shipping container electric power vent Powered vent $800


container window 3'x3' Sliding Window - Dual Pane $395
shipping container window 4'x4' Sliding Window - Dual Pane $495
security bars for window Security bars for windows $100
container skylight 2'x4' Domed Skylight $515
container skylight 2'x2' Custom Security Skylight w/Bars $580


painted red shipping container Paint 20' Interior or Exterior $450 Paint 40' Interior or Exterior $625
Paint 20' Interior and Exterior $650 Paint 40' Interior and Exterior $975


Conexwest uses only premuim DTM (Direct-To-Metal) container paint. Before paint is applied, each rusted section is cleaned to bare metal and protected with heavy duty primer. We offer wide variety of colors. View color chart in the link below. Most popular shipping container colors are "baja beige" and "tile red".

Custom Logo

painted red shipping container Custom Logo 3'x8' - $700

Full Interior Upfit


Shipping containers are built to withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean, making them suitable for every weather environment. Contact us about your project, we can modify container for any application, including mobile office and living space.

Shipping Container Homes


Storage containers are also known as conex container. Some say cargo containers, shipping containers or portable shipping containers. Here at Conexwest they are available for sale or rent at a great price. Standard shipping containers are made out of heavy duty steel. Conexwest will deliver the container to your home or place of business for onsite storage. The containers can be modified to your specifications. We offer office and storage containers with office doors, windows, air vents, roll up doors, electrical packagers, air conditioning as well as heating units, R-13 or foam insulation, drywall, plywood insulation, electrical breakers for 110V and 220V and any other modifications that you might need for your project. Storage containers are very durable and extremely secure. To our surprise we found customers are using these durable containers for all kinds of projects. Our office containers include LED lights, outlets, air conditioning & heating and tile or carpet flooring, and many other options at your request. Our framing techniques allow us to build inside frame without penetrating walls of the storage container. This also applies to separating walls and shelves. Wooden construction will give you flexibility of hanging tools, fire extinguishers, TVs or your family pictures. Our insulation materials vary upon your budget. Standard container insulation is R-13, however we can apply foam insulation at additional charge. We use double hung windows in all our office rental units as well as custom projects. Upon request we can install toilet, shower cabin, sink or even LPG gas stove. We are open to any modifications to meet your needs.

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