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New Shipping Containers

40ft standard new shipping container


Consider "one-trip" container if you are looking for a new look and condition. These containers are also listed as "new" or "like new" but they will have a minor scratches from their initial ocean trip. These containers usually come in variety of sizes and colors, made in Asia and used only once by the shipping lines before being sold to the public.

Certified Used Shipping Containers

40ft high cube shipping container used


We offer certified used shipping containers in cargo worthy condition. Cargo worthy conveys that it is a well sealed shipping container, and it has been inspected and certified by a surveyor. We are committed to providing our clients with best representation of the condition of each shipping container. Each unit is carefully inspected to assess its condition and available for customer inspection upon request. We welcome customers to visit our yard and have the opportunity to select from variety that we have in stock. If you are unable to visit us, we offer interior and exterior photos of your specific unit before it leaves our yard to ensure that you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Refurbished Shipping Containers

40ft refurbished storage container gray


Refurbished or some say reconditioned containers are great value for the money. Such units have been thoroughly cleaned out of rust, repaired if needed and repainted for a long lasting use as an outdoor storage unit. Our refurbished units are sandblasted, then spot sanded, patched if needed, primed and then finally covered with a special DTM (Direct To Metal) paint to give your painted container the longest most reliable protection possible. We are happy to suggest one of our primary colors or can color match any sample.

Modified Shipping Containers

modified shipping containers welded and cut


Container modification is economical solution when you need additional door or window to be added to your shipping container. We can help customers with simple addons like roll up doors, windows, electical package, insulation, lock boxes and also with complex projects like portable homes, restaurants in shipping container, complex container repairs, custom cut outs, portable workshops, machine enclosures and many more.

Standard vs High Cube Shipping Containers

standard vs high cube shipping and storage container


Main difference between standard (ST) and high cube (HC) container is the height. Standard units mostly come in 20ft and 40ft. 10ft standard height units are uncommon but available in some states. 10ft standard storage containers have outside dimensions (OD) 8'W x 8'6"H x 10'L. 10ft standard height shipping containers have inside dimensions (ID) 7'8"W x 7'6"H x 9'4"L, door opening is taken into consideration. 20ft standard height shipping containers have outside dimensions 8'W x 8'6"H x 20'L and inside dimensions 7'8"W x 7'6"H x 19'4"L. Weight of 20ft standard shipping container is 4,750 lbs. It is capable of cargo weight 47,500 lbs. 40ft standard container has outside dimensions 8'W x 8'6"H x 40'L, ID is 7'8"W x 7'6"H x 39'5"L. It has weight of 8,380 lbs and cargo worthy of 60,725 lbs.

10ft high cube units do not exist. But if you do need a 10ft high cube container, Conexwest can manufacture one for you out of 20ft or 40ft high cube unit, send us your request. 20ft high cube shipping containers have outside dimensions 8'W x 9'6"H x 20'L and inside dimensions 7'8"W x 8'6"H x 19'4"L. 40ft high cube shipping containers have outside dimensions 8'W x 9'6"H x 40'L and ID 7'8"W x 8'6"H x 39'5"L. High cube containers are highly popular in mobile office configuration and container home projects.

Cut-To-Size Storage Containers

shipping container cut out


We offer high quality cut-to-size shipping containers. We are able to re-cap and install OEM shipping container doors to any cut-off section. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to supply high volume commercial chains, storage facilities and construction companies with grade A storage containers, either its 10ft, 12ft, 25ft, 30ft or other custom size. Either you are private party or general contractor call us now, we are local and we can help.

Ground Level Container Delivery

ground delivery of shipping container


No matter which container you choose, it's made of 16 gauge steel with 8 gauge steel corner frames. All containers come stock with outdoor rated hardwood flooring. Floor beams are welded evenly every 14". If you have additional questions, please contact our office at (855) 878-5233. We will be glad to answer any question you may have, as well as assist you with placing the order. Conexwest will help to arrange delivery of your container. Our trucking vendors use tilt-bed trailers and small 4x4 trucks. They are able to drop your unit virtually anywhere.

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