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Why vents?

Here's why....


It is time to consider installing a vent onto you container.  When purchasing or renting a container for a long period of time, consider weather conditions and how that might affect the container. While our containers are waterproof and can withstand almost anything mother nature throws at it, it’s the little things that can also affect the quality of a container.


Let’s break it down

Containers placed in areas where the humidity is high can affect the inside of the container. Our containers here at Conexwest have plywood floors with 4 vents on the top corners. When the humidity is high, the container gets moist from the evaporation and gets condensed. Once the condensation collects enough it will drop the collected moist in water droplets to the plywood, leaving it there to soak. Thus, the plywood gets waterlogged and will eventually rot.  

Simple cycle of warm evaporated water rising, collecting, then coming back down.


Let’s fix it!

Conexwest has the solution, we offer the Vent’s needed to avoid this issue. When the Vents are installed on top of the container, they create and increase airflow allowing the humidity not to stay inside the container, and get pushed out. In many cases that Conexwest has had, those who modified their containers, did not have an issue with water logged plywood at all. It provides the equipment or personal supplies inside container fresh and away from being wet.

There are different style of Vents available. Click here to view all of our vents in stock.


If you would like to talk to us and ask more questions about modifications on containers with Vent’s, call (855) 878-5233 or email us at [email protected].